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All About The Gorgeous Of Jewelry Information

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What is your idea for jewelry engagement

images (7)Find The Difference Between Antique, Vintage, and Estate Jewelry, just following in the paragraph bellow :

How Old is This Ring?

Even if you have a basic understanding of antique jewelry, sometimes it is difficult to determine the age of the ring.  Reproductions can be hard to spot, so it’s important to ask a reputable dealer the approximate age of the diamond ring you are looking at.  You can then ask what jewelry era the ring is from.  A ring from 1895 could be considered either Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Nouveau.  If your significant other insists on having an Edwardian ring, ask the dealer to show you different Edwardian options, or better yet have them compare an Edwardian ring with a Victorian one.

Have Any of the Stones Been Replaced?

This isn’t necessarily a deal breaker if the engagement ring is not all original.  Many of these rings are over 100 years old, so it is to be expected that some form of maintenance has occurred.  Dealers usually always try to keep rings original with only necessary repair work, but sometimes this just isn’t possible.  Also note that a ring that

A Guide For Beach Jewelry

images (6)Beach Day Jewelry Guide

Summer whether is down the street or a plane ride away. Swimsuits, and totes are selected with care, but what about beach bling? The world of seaside jewels becomes effortless with three simple rules: less is best, keep it basic, and safety first.

1)      Less is Best

Keep beach time stress free by keeping jewelry to a minimum. Fewer accessories will ensure that the day runs smoothly, but even beyond that, summer is the season of carefree simple living. Instead of a necklace and earrings, pick one of the two and polish off the outfit with a statement ring.

2)      Keep it Basic

Tap into the summer vibe by utilizing basic patterns and colors. Turquoise and royal blue are perfect hues for the beach because they are playful, bright and also utilize the natural landscape; you’ll look stunning in a pop of blue when standing next to the waves. In order to create a statement while still keeping it simple, match your jewelry to your shoes.

3)      Safety First

Keeping your jewels safe, preserved, and cared for should always be your first priority when planning your beach

How to make your mother happy in mother’s day

images (5)Jewelry gift will be sound even better. follow these three simple guidelines to ensure that your gift is perfect:

1)Personalized Jewelry

No one knows you quite like your mom. She was the person who raised you, cleaned up after you and carried you for nine months. The connection with your mom is personal and her Mother’s Day gift should be as well. This year, opt for jewelry that is personalized. Whether you decide to get a ring engraved with “Happy Mother’s Day” or a necklace with her birthstone, feel free to get creative this Mother’s Day. The look of happiness on her face will be priceless.

2)Gemstone Jewelry

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating your mom and mothers are notoriously selfless. This year, choose a gift that is all about her. Pick out a necklace that you know she’ll adore or a brooch that will match her favorite sweater. If you’re unsure of what to choose, gemstone earrings are the perfect choice because they are understated yet glamorous accessories. Opt for a pair of earrings in her favorite color and you’ll be her favorite son or daughter

Engagement ring for your men

It’s worth investigating if a men-engagement ring is right for you and your future spouse. For tips on how to choose a male engagement ring, read on.

1)      Choices are Endless

For male engagement rings, any ring works. There is no “correct” male engagement ring. Instead, male engagement rings are what the groom-to-be feels most comfortable with. In other words, get creative! Instead of getting a custom engagement ring crafted, feel free to choose a ring and use it as the engagement band. If your husband likes colorful gemstones, then choose a ring lined with gems. Or perhaps he prefers simple, understated bands instead. Whatever your future husband’s taste may be, there is a ring to match. In fact, the Men’s Twilight Sapphire Band is the ideal place to start.

2)      Two in One

Instead of opting for two rings for the groom, many couples choose an engagement ring that will double as a wedding band on the big day. If reusing the ring isn’t quite your style, then opt for a short-term engagement ring that can be replaced by the wedding band. In many instances, male engagement rings serve as  “promise” rings in the sense that they are a physical representation of commitment.

How to light skin tones with the jewelry

People with light skin tones typically have veins that appear blue or green in the sunlight. In addition, people with light skin tones often burn easily or have a hard time tanning.

1) Platinum

Platinum jewelry is the number one complementary color for people with light skin tones. The coloring of platinum brings out the blue undertones of light skin tones and creates a cohesive appearance. Choosing jewelry that complement your skin tone often involves tapping into the subconscious or even unnoticeable part an outfit or ensemble.

2) Cool Colors

Although somewhat predictable, cool skin tones look best with cool colors. Cool colors include blues, pinks, purples, and reds. By choosing cool colors, jewelry is able to contrast against the skin tone and add an element of excitement to your outfit. Also, by choosing the right color of jewelry for your skin tone, your skin is able to look its best. Gemstone colors that are not complementary can cause skin to look washed out or even unhealthy.

Great Spring Accessories

The world is renewing itself, and it’s the perfect time to renew your wardrobe as well. To prepare your accessories for spring and brighten your outfits, incorporate these simple color tips below.

1)      Soft Hues

Spring 2015 is all about soft colors, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t pack a visual punch. Light blue, turquoise, coral, and dark beige are all on trend for the upcoming spring months. When working with soft tones, it’s important to combine cool and warm. In other words, a cool tone like blue would be perfectly matched with a warm tone like mustard yellow. This spring, keep an eye out for unlikely matches and embrace the unexpected.

2)      Top Three

Although a few colors have been flagged as trendy, there are three in particular worth your attention: blue, medium pink, and gray. For this season, blue is huge and ranges from a grayish aquamarine to a dark turquoise and deep to green. The possibilities are endless with blues this spring, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. Pink is slightly trickier because the color is rather specific and has been labeled “Strawberry Ice.” However, various hues of medium pink are being incorporated in both fashion and jewelry

Jewelry pieces that you must have it

Here are three-timeless jewelry pieces every woman should own. Season after season and the year after year. it will be the gorgeous items will stand the test of time.

1) Pearls

Not only are pearls gorgeous statement pieces, but they also present endless possibilities. Ranging from classic pearl stud earrings that provide a touch of sophistication, to unique designs that incorporate subtle color and flair, pearls are easily tailored to fit every style. Pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets add a hint of elegance to every outfit. They are fabulous paired with more pearls, but also look effortlessly chic when paired with colored gemstones, diamonds or even the latest jewelry trend. For more pearl inspiration, check out Huffington Post’s recent round-up of “How Stars Wear Pearls.”

2) Diamonds

The old adage is classic for a reason; diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. From sparkling engagement rings to studded earrings, diamonds have proven their longevity. The key to mastering this sparkling gem is quality over quantity. A few unique and breathtaking diamonds will act as finishing pieces for countless outfits in years to come.

3) Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones are the cornerstone of fun and classy accessorizing. Ranging in cut, style and color, gemstone possibilities truly are endless.